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Squat on bosu exercise at Sun Physical Therapy


Sports injuries can arise from any one or several factors, including:

  • overuse, overtraining, or improper progression of training

  • underlying joint hypermobility

  • insufficient warm up or preparation for sport

  • muscle weakness

  • decreased muscle length

  • recurrence of old injury

  • improper technique

  • trauma

Regardless of the causes, sports-related injuries are quite treatable. Oftentimes athletes – whether professional or weekend warriors – feel pressured to perform with pain. They don’t need too! Helping you to reduce pain and stay on track is the job of a physical therapist. We are here to help.

During an initial evaluation, the physical therapist will gather the history of your injury, help identify contributing factors, and set a treatment plan. It is our hope that during the course of your care, you learn more about your body and your injury. This way, you can have more tools to address pain if it arises in the future and take the right steps early on to ensure full recovery and return to sport.  

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